Thursday 24 May 2012

How to add Comments to this Blog!

Several people have told me in person, or mentioned on the phone, or in an email, that they have tried to post a comment on this blog but been unsuccessful.

My apologies. I have checked things out in the settings section, and have re-set the blog-site so that anyone can comment. Before it was set so that you had to be registered before being able to post.

But there are a couple of good security protections. To avoid automated spam, potential commentators have to type the words seen printed in very wonky lettering. And I retain moderator's control so that I can pre-screen each comment. Because anyone on the web can now comment, I need to be able to keep off nonsense, irrational thoughts, silly opinions, or anything that is inappropriate or embarrassing to me. Not anything that you would write, anyway - eh?

To comment about a particular post, go down to the bottom of it. On the left side of the first line of text it will read "Posted by Clive Baugh at ..." - giving the time. Then it will say "0 Comments", or "2 Comments". That Comment label is a hot-link; if you click on it you will go to an opened box in the comments area where you can enter a comment by typing a message.

The comment will be posted to the page after being moderated. This might happen almost immediately. It may take a few hours - or a whole day. I should get to it soon.

So, please comment. And thanks for your responses!

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